Monday, September 5, 2011

Spaghetti Sunday

Time for some comfy food once again! Pasta Sunday is the best that I can think of. I did prepare easy spaghetti for today’s dinner and this time, I did not include any mushroom, just plain minced beef, spaghetti sauce (not from can) of course and some grated cheese.

Spaghetti and Buttered Bread
spaghetti 2

please bear with me since I am just using a mobile cam here, soon I will have our new digicam!

I was just disappointed that I cannot take a snap of what I cooked because our cam got drenched in the rain and I am patiently waiting to get our new cam which hubby was able to purchase online but of course the delivery would take 4-7 business days.

Okay, going back to the spaghetti preparation, I also did not like the cheese that I bought. It was so soft like a quick melt cheese and it was difficult for me to grate because it was sticking in the grater, yucks! But I am just thankful to have a cheese at least since I really needed to taste spaghetti and I have checked my blog that I haven’t included spaghetti yet, maybe other pasta that I have prepared like penne arabiata and some pesto, but not yet this easy to make spaghetti.

Here is what you needed for quick spaghetti:

Onion (chopped)
Garlic (chopped)
Tomato sauce
Ketchup (sweet and spicy)
Brown sugar
Minced beef (1/4 kilo)
Spaghetti pasta
Ground black pepper

How to Cook Spaghetti pasta:

Step 1: Boil water for the pasta. Cook your pasta according to the instruction given at the back label. The pasta I have says 13 minutes to be cooked, so I followed it. Some brands are okay with 8-10 minutes, so just follow the instruction. You can definitely now when your pasta is aldente. Once your pasta is done, put it on a colander and drain the water off. Wash it with cold running water and set it aside.

Step 2: On a separate pan, put the minced beef with little amount of water and sprinkle some salt. Be sure that the water drains and the minced beef is almost dry before putting oil into the pan. Once you have put oil, you can now fry the minced beef into medium flame and then sauté it with chopped garlic and onions.

Step 3: After sautéing, you can now put the tomato sauce and ketchup and put ample amount of water into it as well as the right amount of sugar. Put into boil for 3-5 minutes and taste your sauce. You can sprinkle some ground black pepper into it with salt if you wanted to.

Step 4: You can now combine the pasta and the sauce you made and grate some cheddar cheese or whatever type of cheese you want for your spaghetti. Serve with toasted garlic bread or bread with butter.


[pinkc00kies] said...

we have spaghetti rin at home today :)

Rovie said...

I love spaghetti... Most of the time prepared during Sundays and family gathering...

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