Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Mutton Kebab and Beef Rolls

It was Sunday night and I didn’t know that hubby ordered this outside even if I just prepared beef soup at that time. Well anyway, after a day of cleaning and dusting off, we got tired and having this meal is surely another exquisite taste of what was offered on the streets of Mumbai.

Try these delicious foods! Kebab and rolls
mutton kebab

Kebab is a famous food known in the Mediterranean and Middle East and vast spread the country like India and its neighboring countries. It has a lot of varieties and flavors for the mouth to try. But this time, what we have was mutton kebab and beef rolls. Mutton kebab can never be complete without eating it along with some sliced onions and dipping it into masala or chutney or some pickles.

Mutton Kebab and Beef Rolls
beef roll

I do like the way they also prepared the beef rolls. It is good to combine with hot rice or chapatti. I also like how they did cook the kebab because it wasn’t charred like what others prepare it. The combination of hot, spicy and salty flavor of the kebab makes customers coming back for more.

Hope to try these kinds of recipe once we have a good grill machine and oven and I am sure I’d be sharing it here on my blog. So if you are to try some cuisines from the Mideast and Indian dish, this kebab and beef roll is a sure must try for you to order. You will never regret it once you have tasted it, ahem of course not unless if you are 100% vegetarian, you will be skipping this.


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