Sunday, May 15, 2011

Southern Fried Chicken

I was thinking what to do with the remaining chicken I have since hubby prepared curry before. I don’t like to cook another curry out of it so I said why not fry it but not the usual way that I would fry my chicken.

So I came to research about this recipe and I tried my own version even if I would not exactly prepare it the way they do since first of all I don’t have a deep fryer and second I don’t have on hand buttermilk which I just substituted low fat skimmed milk and put vinegar in it. Anyway the taste was a passing grade and for me I can say that another day has passed and I did my very best to come up with this recipe.

My very own Southern Fried Chicken
southern fried chicken

I also don’t have Tabasco sauce or chili sauce so I improvised another substitute which is the sweet and hot tomato ketchup that I have. Another substitution I made was ginger garlic paste instead of the original garlic powder to be included in the flour mixture. I didn’t include my ginger garlic paste into the flour mixture but to the marinated mix so that the chicken would sip that flavor. The more you soak your chicken into your marinated mixture the better. I only soaked the chicken for about 5 hours and at least it was that tasty.

Another thing I substituted for an ingredient was paprika, to give color to your chicken this is needed but since I don’t have it in my stock, I just simply used chili powder although it didn’t really make the chicken hot and chili. So friends, here is the instruction on how to prepare Southern Fried Chicken:

For marinating your chicken:

1 cup buttermilk (if you don’t have just use low fat milk and 1 tbsp. vinegar)- leave for 5 minutes
Ground black pepper
¼ cup Tabasco sauce
1 tbsp. Ginger-garlic paste (optional)

It’s up to you how long you marinate your chicken, the longer the better. After marinating your chicken you can now, prepare the second mixture for your chicken.

Dipping the chicken:

1 egg
Ground black pepper
Put 6-7 tbsp. of your marinated mixture and mix the ingredient above before dipping your chicken

Flour mixture:

This will be the last procedure once you have dipped the chicken into the egg mixture; you need to roll it on this flour mixture. Be sure to double dip and double coat your chicken pieces.

1 cup flour
Garlic powder
Paprika (what I put here was chili powder)- this is for the color of your chicken

Place them in a dry pan to get the chicken dry first and heat the pan. If you have a deep fryer the better since the chicken will be well cooked. But if you’re using a pan, make sure your oil covers those chicken pieces so that they will be cooked well. Cooked the chicken meat for about 8-15 pieces depending on the size. If it was a bigger piece, 14-15 minutes will do best. Hope you enjoy this crunchy delight of Southern Fried Chicken.


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