Saturday, May 7, 2011

Egg Curry

No options left since it is almost end of the week and hubby’s off will be by two more days so I won’t be able to go to the grocery to refill our food stock. What was just left in the fridge were dozens of eggs so he decided to cook me an egg curry for lunch.

Egg Curry for Lunch!

I was really not in the mood to cook since I have difficulty eating what I prepared so good thing hubby gets up earlier for a haircut and then cooked our food. I was just the one who boiled the eggs and prepared cutting the necessary ingredients like onions, garlic, preparing the masala, placing the remaining coconut milk and then the rest is for my dear to cook it.

At least it wasn’t that spicy hot unlike the mutton curry he prepared. Some egg curry would just include yogurt, but this one, we did not put any since we need to use the remaining coconut milk so that it won’t get spoiled. Now if you can see some seeds in there, they were mustard seeds and jeera or cumin seeds. The rest of the leafy parts would be the curry leaves and coriander leaves.

After boiling the egg for ten minutes remove the shell and cut the egg into half before frying. This will make the egg hard enough not to mush on the curry itself. But when you need to get the creamy part done, be sure you have included enough masala and coconut cream for the right taste. This means adding salt is up to you. By the way, hubby grinded the onions and green chili until they become like a paste to give more texture to the curry.

Some curry will be reddish in color due to red chili powder that was included although we didn’t put much and the turmeric gives more of the yellowish color which embeds the coconut milk. So the end result when cooked was that it turned yellowish. Egg curry is great to combine with papad, lentils or chana masala dish... Bon Appetit!


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