Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Nutritious Lassi Drink

Lassi is a popular drink originated in the province of Punjab, India. It is a healthy drink which consists of fresh yogurt, water, milk, sugar, selected fruits and other spices included. You can have a lot of flavors in your lassi but for me I just preferred to have plain lassi which is without any fruit flavors and spices.

I did make lassi drink because my stomach has been feeling bad for the past week. It was the water that caused it and to remedy it, I have to make some natural or ayurvedic approach as what they say here which is all natural and without any chemical treatments.

Probiotic yogurt needed to make Lassi Drink

I don’t just use ordinary yogurt bought at dahi stores. Most of these yogurts bought on local stores are rich in fat and tendency is that it is hard to digest. What I regularly buy to make lassi is a probiotic yogurt or probiotic dahi which is rich in fiber, has live bacteria that are good for digestion and help ease my condition.

Consider buying only fresh yogurt by checking the manufacture date

I am not endorsing the product brand, all I am saying is that when you do buy your fresh yogurt, consider reading the labels and the benefits one can have disregarding the price of course. What I did for making lassi was just mixing it in a blender and put sugar, pinch of salt and tablespoons of water.

Cold and Refreshing Lassi Drink

I don’t like to put too much water because I don’t like my lassi so watery, I like it creamier so I just used ample amount to make it rich and creamy and yummy. Maybe you can see on the picture that I have included lassi as my snack together with popcorn. Popcorn is a healthy snack to consider and that is why I make it a point to include it. I like to refrigerate my lassi first before drinking. It makes me feel so refreshed and it really invigorates ones feeling. Care to have some?


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