Thursday, May 19, 2011

Chicken soup with Penne

My stomach felt really bad last week so I needed some chicken soup to eat and this is what I have prepared. I ran out of macaroni so I have substituted penne pasta. I know that penne can only be good to eat on arrabiata or any pasta meal which is rich in sauce. But I have just tried an experiment to see what penne can also do with any chicken soup.

Indeed it has no difference to macaroni in taste but the only thing is that it is harder to cook. I mean it takes longer period of time to make it aldente. Usually penne pasta takes 10-12 minutes of cooking but this one took me 15 minutes to satisfy my taste bud. I don’t like to chew on hard or half cooked pasta so I see to it that I needed those extra minutes to make it softer.
In preparing this dish, you just needed to boil your chicken first before sautéing it in garlic and onion.

Chicken soup with penne pasta
chicken soup

Personally, I don’t like bloody chicken which means when you cut the inner part, there are still traces of clot in between bones and fleshy part. That is why 10 minutes of boiling is convenient for me before I put cooking oil and sauté it with garlic and onions.

I also included some chicken bouillon cubes to make the taste more delicious. If there was a veggie that you can include in your chicken soup, that will be carrots but at that time I don’t have one so you won’t be seeing any. Once the chicken is done for sautéing, you need to put chicken stock or water if you don’t have any stock, then put the penne pasta.

You can add milk to this dish as long as your milk is evaporated and not condensed or powdered. But if you don’t have milk, you can substitute any quick melt cheese and that will be sufficient enough.


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