Monday, May 30, 2011

Chicken Biryani

I was not the one who prepared this dish, it was hubby. I personally like biryani but it was really difficult to cook (according to me) because it takes a lot of effort especially calculating the rice. If the chicken was perfect in the way you cook it but if your rice does not cooperate, well that will not be a good biryani.

Hubby just used chicken tandoori for this biryani

Chicken biryani needs basmati rice in order to make a very authentic Indian Biryani. I don’t have any issues if you can cook chicken biryani using ordinary rice, but the thing is, biryani rice will never be sticky but porous or loose. In making this dish, your rice should be soaked in water for about half an hour to keep the grains softer before placing it on top of your cooked chicken pieces.

Spices are grand when it comes to biryani and you can only get most of its ingredients from an Indian food store. I don’t know if there is a ready mixed powder for biryani to make the cooking much more easier, but I guess most Indians here will never agree to the idea of short cutting a procedure for making biryani.

There are different types of biryani to cook like meat biryanis (non-vegetable) and the vegetable biryanis. But no matter how every state prepares it, the taste would simply be hot and really spicy. But what happened to hubby’s rendition of chicken biryani, well it turned out so hot and the rice got sticky even if it was basmati rice, meaning it has too much water during the process of cooking.

Hubby also prepared Raita for this Chicken Biryani Combination

This was really one dish that you need to practice cooking in order to get the right consistency of the rice since you will put the soaked rice on top of your cooked chicken till it get cooked.
Biryani can’t be complete without raita. This is like a combination of your egg and bacon meal. Chicken biryani is always paired to be eaten with raita and mango pickles.

Raita is a combination of yogurt, cucumber, salt, fresh coriander leaves, tomato or carrot if you like. It is a cooler for your tongue whenever you eat that hot biryani. I’d be posting the recipe sooner once we get back home from our short vacation, but for now, all I can do is to share with you the pictures.


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