Thursday, May 5, 2011

Chili Chicken Delight

I don’t have any meat stocked in the fridge so I asked hubby to buy some cooked food outside at the local restaurant near our place. I instructed him to buy any mutton or chicken and when he came back it was chicken since mutton meat wasn’t available.

Red and Fiery Hot Chili Chicken

It was really creamy red in color which I really presumed would be very hot and spicy. Well, I can’t complain now since most foods here will be that hot and it will be impossible for a single meal in India were chefs would not include any chili or chili powder in their dish. Anyway, it was hot and steamy when hubby bought it since they really prepare the meal on the dot and you need to wait for 10-15 minutes. So I just prepared rice at home so that by the time our food comes, it will all be ready.

We don’t regularly order out food since I personally prepare the foods we eat but whenever we ran out of food stock that is the only time that we consider buying. Well, anyway hubby said that it was buttered chicken recipe but I said it looked and tasted more like chilly chicken to me. Sorry I won’t be posting here how the meal was prepared or how to cook it since I don’t know too. But one thing that most of this dishes have in common was spices and hotness so the very basic ingredients that I could taste there would be coriander, chili, onions, masala and butter, not the ghee.

Chili chicken put on the side on this voluptuous rice meal

The chicken was cut into cubes and mostly meaty parts not the bones. It was lacking salt though what we just did was to add some salt to it. By the way, every order we make, they always include big chunks of onions and lemon wedge and with pickles. That big plate with rice was shared by the two of us since we eat on the same plate.
This chili chicken surely is hot and I am sure that it is not the kind of meal that would be loved by my folks back home. I am also limiting myself to not eat such but at times like this where I can also relax a bit when I am not cooking or rather I had nothing to prepare, I’d be compromising on eating such hot foods, tongue on the edge!


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