Saturday, May 14, 2011

Minced beef with potatoes

Its beef and potatoes for the day since starch are also needed by our body as well as protein. I have mince beef this time to match with potatoes and I diced them in small sizes so that it can be cooked well.

It is also great to match potatoes with corned beef although there are no canned goods here (particularly beef) being sold in the market since it is a Hindu nation. Anyway, hubby bought this mince beef in a store nearby since there are Muslims and Christians who sell it. I know that at home we used to include sotanghon or vermicelli bean thread noodle in this recipe. It is just easy to prepare although for me what I like is to toast first the mince beef by placing water and let it boil for some time. I added salt so that it will have a taste and once the water is gone, I can now put oil and cook it further.

Easy to prepare minced beef with potatoes

I like to toast the beef well till it gets that dark brownish color. About the potatoes, make sure that it was just sliced smaller so that you can cook it very well. Once your beef is done, you can now sauté it with garlic and onions. Then you can put the diced potatoes and add some water.

On this recipe, I don’t put too much water. It was just half tea cup water which is enough for simmering the beef and potatoes. Once your potatoes are half cooked, you can season it with soya sauce, salt and ground black pepper. There’s no problem if you wanted to add more flavor by putting some beef bouillon while simmering the beef and potatoes.
If you want some more flavor and color, you can add green and red bell peppers into it, but for this recipe, I don’t have a stock so you won’t be able to see in the picture. I have another version of cooking this recipe but I will post it by tomorrow. Hope you try this delicious recipe also.


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