Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Pinoy Chopsuey

Later did I figure out that there are different ways countries around the world prepare their own version of Chopsuey. In America and here in India, they serve their Chopsuey with noodles that are fried first, but in my own country Philippines, when you talk about Chopsuey, it means veggies with some meat products like chicken, chicken liver, shrimp and pork that you can add in this delightful dish.

The possibility of choosing veggies in this dish is really vast although you cannot just put any veggies you like, e.i. squash, okra, drumstick, bitter gourd, round gourd and any beans (lentil). If you want to prepare this dish, you can choose veggies like cabbage, cauliflower, broccoli, bokchoy or Chinese petchay, capsicum or bell peppers (red or green) in color, sweet peas or snow peas, green beans, carrot, and mushrooms.

Lacking colors like red capsicum and shrimp to make it more appealing...
chopsuey,pinoy dish

It is one of the most delicious veggie meals since it is very colorful and I like the way how crisp and fresh my veggies are when Chopsuey is being served. Although in what I prepared, I did lack color since I don’t have a stock of red bell pepper and shrimp to give additional colors in it. What I just have were cauliflower, carrot, green bell peppers and cabbage. I just wish I have mushrooms there and shrimp but anyway the chicken meat and the liver gave enough justice to make it so called Chopsuey.

Of course I also used oyster sauce in my recipe and most important is to keep the sauce creamy a bit by putting corn starch and little bit of water in a mixture as the finishing touches to your cooking. But just don’t overcook your veggies. It will not be that exciting to bite capsicum if it is already soaked and the color turned darker. Even those carrots, you don’t want to eat overcooked carrots right? So just make sure your flame is kept on a medium flame and when placing those veggies, keep in mind to put the hardest first like cauliflower.

You don’t need to worry about carrot because it is much healthier to eat it half cooked than overdone. The last veggies that you will include in this dish are the capsicum since they are easy to cook. I suggest you don’t cover the lid so that the color of the veggies remains the same even if the stove is already turned off.


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