Monday, May 9, 2011

Singapore Noodles and Mushroom with Cheese Pizza

That’s what they call it on their menu, “Singapore Noodles”. I am sure Singapore has nothing to do with it, just like that! Anyway, another day with no time to prepare meals so we dependently ordered at Radhakrishna Restaurant and they delivered it for free. I didn’t even cooked rice so I said to hubby; why not order a pizza along with it since they have vegetarian pizza so I ordered Mushroom and Cheese pizza. It was delivered hot and fresh in our door steps for about 20- 25 minutes.

Yummy Mushroom and Cheese Pizza!

Well the noodles have whole cashew nuts which are slightly roasted and the veggies are really raw and crispy. I said hard because it isn’t cooked and I really hate to chew strips of cabbage. I have no problems with raw carrot strips but the cabbage, aww forget it, I’d be skipping it or keep it aside the plate. They also have included big chunks of dried red chili, anyone dares to eat it?

At least the noodles aren’t burnt and smoky smelling like the once we ordered on a different restaurant. Spring onions are all around and complimentary sauces were also given like Chili sauce, dark soy sauce and tomato ketchup for the pizza.

Singapore Noodles available at Radhakrina Restaurant

About the pizza, well it does taste like the local pizza that we order in the cart. This restaurant offers only pure veggies so forget the pepperoni and other meaty toppings for your pizza. What they have was cheese, mushroom, paneer (tofu) and tomato. But on what I ordered, you can see only cheese and mushroom on it. The price was affordable enough since the pizza was sliced into 8 while the noodles can be eaten by three to four persons.

The pizza costs only Rs90.00 and the noodles for only Rs.85.00 but the tendered bill was Rs 185.00; well I guess that extra Rs10 will be the charge for delivery even if they say it’s free of charge. But I don’t complain on that, nothing at all since they have delivered it on time and the food was great so that would suffice. ..verdict, day complete…stomach is full!


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