Friday, May 27, 2011

Cauliflower with Shrimp

What’s this an experiment? This is what hubby told me when he saw what I have cooked. Well I said I don’t know what to do with the cauliflower and since shrimp can be sautéed with this veggie I said why not try it, after all it would still be palatable. Not because he wanted to annoy me and insult what I have cooked for him, but it’s always his routine to ask me what I call the recipe particularly if he is not familiar with it. He knows that I cook Filipino dishes and one of his favorites was Sinigang and Adobong Manok.

Sauteed Cauliflower with Shrimp

Anyway, nothing too much too fancy about this dish since it does look the same or almost near to Chopsuey which if I have carrot, sweet peas, French beans and mushroom, I would go and divert my cooking into such. But as for the moment that these were just my ingredients, I decided to just sauté the shrimp along with cauliflower.

I don’t intend to put too much water in my veggie meal. It’s just not my cup of tea I guess when it comes to such recipes. Probably if I were to prepare a soup and something like that, it is already common sense to see water and your ingredients swimming along with it.
Filipinos can eat a meal even if they don’t have soup or if the dish is not that watery. But my husband is not used of eating such dish since his mother got him used of watery food. I call it watery which means even a curry meal, for them it float with water, not just ample enough for a sauce or creamy texture, but a lot of it. Not all curries are the same when you cook it especially if its vegetable curries.

Now what I did with this recipe was just sauté the shrimp with garlic and onion. After that I sprinkle a bit of turmeric powder and put the green chilies to make the dish a bit spicy than usual. After this I put the cauliflower and some water. I just seasoned it with fish sauce and then sprinkle ground black pepper. It does not take much to cook this veggie but you need to cook the shrimp well. You can also put some shrimp broth cubes if you like and add more water if you like. You can’t go wrong in this recipe, it’s just easy to prepare.


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