Saturday, August 6, 2011

Totapuri Mangoes

Whenever we go for a grocery we always do buy fruits and veggies and I am not the one who usually pick for fruits but hubby. I never thought he would be picking big totapuri mangoes and so I also said that I can use this for salad.

Big Totapuri Mangoes

It was so big that three pieces weighs 2.15 kilos and amounted to Rs 69 or equivalent to $1.56, if you ask me it is still cheap compare to the price of other types of mangoes in India. This type of mango grows bigger than your palms and it’s not the type of mango that is juicy like the Alphonso mangoes.

When totapuri mangoes are ripe, they don’t go mushy and juicy to the bite. It is just sweet and at the same time with a twist of sourness but not too sour like regular unripe or green mangoes. You need to use a peeler when peeling this mango and not like the usual ripe mangoes that you slice with a knife because it can never be peeled because the skin will go along with the flesh and it would be smashed.

Totapuri mangoes are perfect to combine in your unusual sauces and dips for fried fish. You can include this mango in a special sauce that is composed of anchovy fish sauce (bagoong isda), vinegar,onion, and chili which are perfect for your fried fish dish like Tilapia or Milk Fish (Bangus).

You can also try what I did on totapuri when I included it in my fresh garden salad, here is the article: Fresh Garden Salad

You can also check out the article I wrote about Alphonso mangoes which is the most expensive mango here in India, here is the link: Alphonso Mangoes

Some companies make totapuri shakes or puree but these totapuri mangoes are really adult and fully matured in order to squeeze out the juice. I haven’t tried to buy one yet but I am sure I will like it since this type of mango is not that rich in fiber like other mangoes. But I wonder if it matures enough if it will be that pulpy, hmmm!

Totapuri mangoes have sexy shapes with both ends and tips kinda pointed. Once you see those curves, you will surely know that it was totapuri. It is golden yellow with kinda reddish bronze color combination but the smell and taste would never be like your apple mangoes.

Totapuri Mango, bigger than my palm

That’s all for now and I hope I just shared some information about this type of mango which I got fascinated also when I first tasted it here in India. There was no such mango like that in my own country, but I also favored Philippine mangoes, because there is nothing like it too.


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