Saturday, August 13, 2011

Who want some Bhel Puri?

There are different types of puris in India and I don’t happen to experience eating them all. I guess what I have just tried for now was bhel puri and pani puri. Puris are mostly street foods or snacks being offered by hawkers and some Indian restaurants. It is part of their meal and every time I saw a stall, it is always full of customers.

Bhel Puri a traditional snack in India
bhel puri

Bhel puri is made out of puff rice with fresh tomatoes, onions and chili, coriander leaves and sev which is a thin fried noodle included into it. It also has a salty and tangy taste because they do add some tamarind sauce. Hubby and I are not big fans of puri since you need to be careful also where you buy such because it can be prepared with dirty hands or utensils or the ingredient itself is unclean.

I remember Anthony Bourdain’s episode when he visited India and he was able to taste such snack. I was laughing on the way he tried to play cricket with the youths but anyway I salute him for being a good Chef who is really bold and brave to try out different dishes without showing any facial expression if he was disgusted with the taste of one dish or not.

Auntie and me posing for the cam, even the tandoori and kebab showing off on the table
me and auntie

Well “to each his own taste” and just for the experience of tasting it to show that hey, I have tasted that one too is enough for me. The photos I have included was taken long time back when an auntie of hubby visited us in Mumbai and her daughter was celebrating her birthday so we went out and bought food and tour some malls in the city.

Maybe you can even recognize that some foods there on the table was the chicken tandoori and mutton kebab I posted yesterday. Well those non veggie foods I have appreciated a lot. It was really cooked nicely and it was worth the money. We don’t happen to go out every month to dine out since most of the time I do prepare foods at home and it is saving us money. In times like these, we need to be smart also when it comes to budgeting.

Auntie showing the bhel puri while having chass drink

If you happen to visit India, you might as well try to taste bhel puris or pani puri since it is locally offered and it is just cheap. To be sure, you can order it on a restaurant and not just buy on hawkers or side street vendors. I am not saying that all street vendors’ preparations are really dirty and unsafe. What I am just saying is that when you are a foreigner and your tummy needs to adjust on certain foods, be careful of what you just eat and order so as much as possible, buy on restaurants rather than streets where it is open to germs and bacteria caused by the environment, dust and pollution being added to your food. Better be safe than to have a loose bowel movement.


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