Friday, August 12, 2011

Longan (Long Gone)

Out of curiosity we bought this fruit which the look resembles like lanzones( a local fruit in Philippines) but the size of a rattan fruit. But the taste of longan is somewhat the same to lychees and their flesh is the same with both lanzones and lychees which is translucent.

Longan or famous name Dragon's Eye

The color of this fruit is light yellow and brown and it is sweet but not that sour. Small round fruits that once you open to peel it sounds like a crunchy nut. You can squeeze it a bit so that the juice would not mess up.

Longan is also called as dragon’s eye. It is pretty obvious once you get to the core of it; the seed is smooth and silky to touch and it’s black in color. I haven’t tried to include longan in salad but yes you can as long as you remove its seed.

The seed of longan fruit is smooth and silky black
dragons eye

Although it is quite expensive here in India since 12 pieces of it already cost Rs56 or $1.27. It can be found to most Asian countries but this one was imported to a neighboring Asian country and that is why the cost was expensive. Longans are seasonal fruits so I don’t get to see them in the market. Actually it was my first time to taste it and I can say that it has a similarity to lychees.

Longan is rich in vitamins and some minerals. They say that it can also cure insomnia, stomach ache and it can invigorate our spleen and other body organs. It also nourishes the blood and has a good calming effect on our nervous system. Whether that is true, it sounds good to me since I also enjoy eating this fruit even if it is really limited. Hope they will have it manufactured in canned goods so that it can be available a year round.

The taste of longan is also good to combine with other berry fruits and I can add it to sweet cocktail drinks that hubby can also enjoy. Aside from fruit salad, I can also add it to ice cream and gelatins for desserts. Longan can also be included to baked bread just like carrot, banana and other fruit type breads available in the market.


swexie said...

Our neighbor has a longan tree but I guess the tree is not suitable to be planted here because the longan fruits turned to have flesh that's too thin and seeds which are bigger. The seed would sometimes take around 90% of the whole fruit, unlike those imported longans available in the market.

Strawberrychocodahi said...

@ Swexie- thanks for the info. I did set aside the seeds, wishing if it will grow here in India, lets see. Thanks for dropping by!

praveen mp said...

Nice article :D. I planted a few seeds but only one of them survived, hopefully it grows into a tree.

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