Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Bean sprout with Snow Peas

I was happy to see snow peas yesterday in the grocery because that is not available in any local markets here in India. They do have green peas all year round but I wonder why snow peas was not part of Indian dishes and that is why even if the price was expensive, I grabbed the chance to buy it.

Crispy and delicious Mung Bean Sprout with Snow Peas and Mutton hotdog
bean sprout,mung bean

When I opened the pack which costs Rs12.00 or equivalent to $0.27 cents, the small packet of snow peas was 8 in total pieces, wow what a golden price! I did include it in my recipe for mung bean sprout and it was just marvelous.

This is all I got for $.027 cents, small pieces of snow peas
snow peas

The crispy snow peas went along well with mung bean sprouts. I just added one piece of mutton hotdog as I cut it into small sizes and sautéed it with garlic and onion with soy sauce. The scent was really captivating and for the finishing touches, I sprinkled some spring onions.

By the way I also added tomatoes into it since it will add more color to this dish. For taste, I just added salt and ground black pepper and no water needed since the veggies itself will give out water and that is enough to keep it tender and ready to eat. You just needed two to three minutes to cook the snow peas and the sprout.

These two veggies (bean sprout and snow peas) need not to be overcooked. It is more pleasant to eat them crunchy and as much as possible retaining their color. I am not talking about the color that the soy sauce has caused to blend with the veggies. But you surely know well if a veggie has turned mushy and messy then that my friend is overcooked.

I always remember back home, when snow peas are abundant and can be bought on a local talipapa or local market. That even it is expensive due to being transported from Baguio to Manila, I can still buy ¼ kilo which the pieces of snow peas I cannot count in my fingers unlike here.

I do like to include snow peas in chop suey recipes and other chicken dishes. That is why I did miss the taste of it and now I finally ate one, I am still wishing to buy some more and include it in my other exciting recipes. Do you like to eat snow peas too? How about mung bean sprouts? If you do, just let me know and I will even post more recipes for these types of veggies.


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