Thursday, August 18, 2011

Pomegranates and its Benefits

Yesterday was India’s Independence Day and we went out for a grocery. I didn’t expect the volume of people that flooded the store. Hubby and I just thought that it was because of the shops up to 70% discount sale and that is why people flock to get advantage of that great offer. Later did we find out that it was because most of these people are off because of a regular holiday, well silly of us because most of call center agents aren’t having such an off.

Pomegranates, Rich in Vitamins and also an Antioxidant fruit

So going back to my topic, I didn’t notice that hubby would be picking pomegranates this time since he prefers to buy them outside or in local markets where it was cheaper. But these 4 medium sized pomegranates cost only Rs99.00 which is also equivalent to $2.25, so we bought it. I really do like pomegranates because it is rich in Vitamins A, C, and E. It is also antioxidant and they say can cure serious illness like prostate cancer of men.

Pomegranates also called Granada in Tagalog, bombs away sickness and diseases!
sweet pomegranates

Whether it is a saying or not, I do believe that God created this wonderful fruit with a purpose as to what other fruits and veggies are for. If you are a person who likes fresh fruits and vegetables included in his or her daily meal, I am sure that you would not want to also miss pomegranate. It is a very juicy fruit and reddish like no other but just be careful not to stain your white shirt or blouse whenever you eat this great fruit.

I personally like pomegranates in a sense that it looks like mini crystal rubies. Its velvet red color is so attractive and when you juice it up and it gives a crunchy sound whenever you bite and chew it. Peeling is not an option for this fruit, what you need is to slice it up or break it by cracking it although that method will be messy.

I like to segregate the seeds manually even if it takes time before we eat it. The covering skin inside of it is bitter in taste so you don’t include that whenever you eat it. Pomegranates are good for our immune system to fight any types of sickness. It is also good for refreshing the body because of its juice; a pregnant woman can take advantage of eating pomegranates because it will avoid her having premature babies.

For men, it is also advisable to eat pomegranates since this combats prostate gland problems. It is also good for our skin because it makes it look younger removing those problematic pores since it can tighten the skin. If you happen to notice pomegranates, they look like your heart which pumps blood in the body. Indeed pomegranates are really good for blood circulation which can be a positive way to get ourselves away from blood clots and heart problems. Isn’t it lovely how we can get health benefits by consuming fresh fruits and vegetables especially if we do add pomegranates in our diet?


swexie said...

I haven't seen this fruit, ever. And I didn't think it's locally grown here. When you said that it's Granada in Tagalog, then maybe someday I'll see this fruit somewhere in the market (or supermarket) hehe!

I remember having a Calgon cologne set and one of the scents was Pomegranate. It was my favorite scent. =)

Grace said...

I only learned of pomegranate from farmville and farmtown ... LOL. I never knew that it's just equivalent to our local granada fruit. Thanks for the info.

I just heard of this fruit but haven't really seen or tasted it. My husband told me that he loved this fruit when he was young but nowadays, it's really hard to find.

Strawberrychocodahi said...

@Swexie- I haven't tried Pomegranate scented perfume but it sure is interesting.

@Grace- yes, it is really hard to find in Philippines but here in India, its a year round available fruit.

Fresh Garden said...

Wonderful! Awesome!

Strawberrychocodahi said...

@Fresh Garden- yes Indeed, pomegranates are good for our health!

Rosette De Guzman said...

where can i buy Pomegranate please felp inform me @09291794826

Strawberrychocodahi said...

in big malls in the Metro Rosette De Guzman

Strawberrychocodahi said...

in big malls in the Metro Rosette De Guzman

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