Saturday, January 8, 2011

Vermicelli or Bean Thread Noodles

I really miss eating Pancit or the famous Filipino dish that is often offered in every special occasion. It is made out of Vermicelli or Bean Thread Noodles. Pancit is really delicious and can be offered also as a snack or can be eaten with rice and sprinkled with lemon. I personally like the preparation of this bean thread noodles by my mom. It is composed of a lot of special ingredients.
I can't find anything great or equal to the bean thread which is available in my country. I can find bean thread noodles in India, but the quality and taste can never be the same and equal to what I have back home so I don't buy it. The consistency of the bean thread noodle was too rough and it can never be smooth and shiny like special sotanghon.
Delicious Pancit made of Vermicelli or Bean Thread Noodle

Pancit is a dish in the Philippines which is also favorable for vegetarian people if they don't want to include any meat into it like hotdog or squid balls. You can cook a tasty Pancit by using varieties of veggies such as carrot, cabbage and spring onion. The veggies are considered nutritious but about the bean thread, well it is not much,but at least it is still a healthy meal. There are lots of noodle varieties but the ones used to cook for Pancit dish is made out of bean thread noodle which you can also combine with canton noodles or the egg noodles.
I won't be posting for now how to cook Pancit or its ingredients. Maybe if I have more time, I will post it so for my readers, don't worry, I will share it to you soon.



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What does D3526299QNRP mean?

Thanks for humoring me.

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