Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Red Port Wine

The weather is cold so it is really favorable to drink wine. We only drink occasionally and during this cold weather condition, red wine is really good to give additional heat and it is also good for the heart as long as it is taken in moderation and the alcohol content is not that high.

Red Port wine contains about 95 calories per 2 fluid ounce serving. Some countries do take red wine as part of their meal which is not the same with Asian countries. Port wine is cheaper compared to other types of wine. The taste is not that great if you compare it also with most delightful drinks and cocktails.
What I just commend on red port wine is that it is readily available and it can be produce locally so the prices are really cheap. It comes in plastic and bottle packaging although I would prefer those that are in bottles. What we buy is the ones made in Goa since the place is known as a tourist spot and wines and spirits are locally made perfectly there.
Red Port Wine
port wine2

I am not a fan of Red port wine but I am just thankful to have a stock in this chilling weather condition that my body really wanted extra heat.The port wines that we have at home has 14% and 12% alcohol volume. I only pour half or less than half of the glass wine since I do feel a bit tipsy. I just don’t like the taste of it too which is kinda smoky. I don’t know if it was only the brand or if all port wines taste like smoky. Hubby is the one that buys our drinks so I don’t personally recommend him any of since I am not a drinker. Anyway I am not promoting any brand of drinks on my blog. I just mentioned what red port wine is and the benefit of what we can get if we drink red wine. By the way, if i may compare both the port wines made in Mumbai and Goa, Goans Port Wines are sweeter and taste is better.

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