Thursday, January 13, 2011

Missing Out the Burger

I know, what you will say was that this food is junk and has no nutritional values. But for once in our life, we have tried to eat and taste burgers. I for one am guilty for that and I can say that burgers will be considered as the easiest food for me to get and eat. Even if I am missing this burger a lot, I just know my limitations of eating junk foods.
I do like McDonalds Big Mac and Quarter Pound Cheese. I have missed eating it like centuries. I can’t buy something like this in Mumbai where most of the community were vegetarians and does not allow eating beef meat in public. That is why McDonalds India is supporting the standards of the country and most of the meals offered where made out of veggies, fish and chicken meat, NO BEEF.
Big Mac Burger in McDonalds Philippines
big mac

You can check the burgers here which are suited for Indian taste. They are spicy and with masala flavors. Most of it was made to the appealing taste of the public. I do like cheese and garden greens such as lettuce, cucumber and tomato. Potatoes here are cheaper so their French fries were cut bigger in sizes compared in other McDonald’s branches in other countries. But the taste is not the same because I still favored French fries being offered in my country Philippines.
I do make homemade burgers but of course I cannot get the perfect burger bun here since I can say that most of it was just easy to crumble and are not that fluffy. The beef meat here in India is tender and whenever I wanted to buy minced beef, they are mostly good. But anyway, what makes McDonald’s burger different from other burgers around in India, well it is the size.
Obviously, Big Mac is really buns after buns and with juicy goodness of beef patties that I cannot resist. I do like the smell of it, the taste of it, the texture of it and I can say that I dream of it. Wow, such a burger buff, but seriously speaking what makes me think of getting back to the taste of it is the juicy yummy patties combined with the freshness of the cucumber, lettuce and onion ring. The sauce adds flavor to it too since ketchup and mustard sauce is great for this type of burger.
The cheese is not just any ordinary cheese that you can just grab and place to it. It’s really American cheddar cheeses which is yellow-orange in color and not that hard which sticks to your teeth. I do like cheese whatever the type will be. But if you are going to watch over your diet, which do you think is the best to pull out of that burger? Hmmmm, I can’t decide since I don’t want to miss a single ingredient included in Big Mac. By the way, I don’t talk about the issues here with regards to how many calories a Big Mac contributes. I am just talking about missing this burger and I don’t intend anyone or force anyone to buy or try burgers if they don’t want too.


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