Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Spinach with Mince Beef

I have to eat most of the boiled and soup type of veggies for this week because of my annoying allergy. I have cooked Spinach or Palak in India. Although I am sure that most vegetarians would not go for the mince beef here, anyway I can suggest them to try my Palak Paneer Recipe which I also posted on my food blog. Spinach is rich in vitamins and minerals. I have to cook it because it has antioxidant that also combats or fights allergens to get it off my system.
I do like Palak and I don’t seem to buy this in my country Philippines which our version of Spinach is Alugbati and they are not the same as what I get here in Mumbai. I wanted to share this recipe to all my friends out there especially to those readers who keep dropping by to read my post. Here’s my recipe for Spinach with Mince Beef.
Palak or Spinach
Onion (medium size)
Garlic cloves (4 pcs.)
Mince beef ¼ only
Soy sauce
Ground black pepper
Vegetable oil
Steaming hot Palak
steaming palak

Preparations / Methods for Cooking Spinach with Mince Beef:
Put the mince beef first with salt and portion of water. Simmer the beef till it gets tender and once the water is done, you can now add oil into it. Make sure that your mince beef was golden brown before you put the garlic and onion. Don’t forget to put salt into your onion so it can be cook fast. After you sauté the garlic and onion together with the mince beef, you can now put your soy sauce into it. Please make sure you don’t use dark soy sauce particularly if you’re from India. Dark soy sauce destroys the color of this dish so make sure you are using a Chinese soy sauce which is just light but tasty.

Stir the Palak or Spinach Well
delicious palak

The next thing that you need to do is to put the Palak or Spinach and stir very well the ingredients so that the flavor of the sautéed beef with garlic and onion will be spread to the Palak or Spinach.
After this you need to put ample amount of water. Simmer for 3-5 minutes only but never cover the pan so that you can still retain the color of your Palak or Spinach. You can now taste your food and if it needs more salt and pepper just add something to it.
Simmering this dish does not mean you’re using a high flame. Keep the flame on a medium heat only and don’t overcook your Spinach or Palak. Veggies are supposed to be eaten fresh and as much as possible crispy so you don’t need to get your Palak or Spinach dark.
Lovely Green Spinach/Palak
green palak

I just like the smell of Palak or Spinach when it is blended with a perfect soy sauce. I do hope you like this simple recipe. Spinach or Palak is not that expensive here. One bunch of it costs about Rs 5.00 rupees and mince beef here is also cheaper. I would like to thank you all for reading my post. I hope that you can also suggest me some recipe if you wanted to share your recipe, I will be happy to post it here on my blog together with your lovely picture.
Spinach with Mince Beef Recipe


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