Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Chowking Restaurant in Landmark Mall Makati Branch

First Food Trip on my Vacation- Chowking Restaurant in Landmark Mall, Makati
It was really delightful to be back in my own country and to share good food with them. We went out for a short grocery in the afternoon and then we waited out for some time to rest as we take our snack at Chowking branch in Landmark Foodcourt.
They were offering promo coupons and we were able to grab two which includes 5 to 6 varieties of menu which is of course discounted. It will be my first time to taste these foods so I was the one who offered a treat.
I selected Wanton Soup while my folks selected Noodles and my youngest brother liked the Youngchow Fried rice. It took only 5 minutes for me to fall in queue to pay for the order and it costs less than P500 pesos which our orders were all inclusive of softdrinks.
Chowking Noodles

Again we waited for my name to be called since that’s the style of Chowking restaurants. It took another 5 minutes for me to get the orders as I exchange the number that was given to me. After six months of vacation, it will be my first time to taste Chowking foods again. Well it wasn’t that good since I will be giving my verdict on each food that we selected. By the way, this is not about tarnishing their reputation. It is about my own opinion about the food that I tasted and I just wanted to share it with my readers. I have nothing against Chowking Company since they are one of the best restaurants in the Philippines with so many branches. I guess every branch of Chowking differs in the way they present their food. On my experience, I’d be giving this branch a rate of 4 out of 10 (10 as the highest).
Wanton Soup as my order
wanton soup

Wanton soup with Siomai and sauce
wanton soup with siomai

Youngchow Fried Rice

Here is my Verdict-
Chowking Noodles- Well it was too oily and it tasted smoky. The chef that prepared this food have forgotten to slow down the flame of the wok and since the oil has been fuming so much, it grabbed its taste with the noodles and it turned out so bad. I have tasted the same noodles before, in another Chowking branch, but it wasn’t the same. The preparation was really different at that time and I just wish that they will improve their style with regards to cooking their noodles. Failing grade if I have to grade it.
Chowking Wanton Soup- The veggie was crispy and green in color which I really commend. The noodles were just fine because it was soft but not mushy. The only thing that I disagree with the soup was the bland taste. I really cannot taste what’s in the soup. It was really bland and one customer ahead of me was complaining since she said it tasted like hot water only. If only I took heed of what she said, I won’t order. But since I wanted to give it a benefit of a doubt, I still ordered the same and I thought the lady was just having a different taste than mine. But she was indeed right, the soup was really disappointing. I am just happy to mix it with chili sauce to give it a taste. Two thumbs down for this one.
Chowking Siomai- Just tasting like another popular Chinese dimsum, I don’t have anything negative about their Siomai. It was just fine and chewy and the sauce was just right.
Again as I have said earlier, I have nothing against Chowking. This was just my own personal opinion about the food I tasted. I will always go back to Chowking to eat but definitely I will try their other branch.


Alisa said...

Chinese fastfood for me was either too oily or too salty.The fried rice looks delicious though :)

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