Monday, January 17, 2011

Red Carrot Juice

I am suffering skin allergy at the moment when I put a cream on my face and the next day, my face was full of rashes that looks like prickly heat and it was itchy. The skin around my eyes is swelling although I did not suffer from difficulty of breathing but the allergy was really annoying. It will be days to go before I get back to Philippines and here I am with my face full of annoying prickly heat looking bumps although not that red anymore. There was no Celestamine that I can buy here in India so the only antihistamine they can give me was Cetirizine which is a mild antihistamine tablet which seems not working for me so I stopped taking it since yesterday.
Red Orange Carrot on my Carrot Juice Recipe
carrot juice

So far, what I am doing to remove the toxins and allergens out of my system is to take fresh fruits rich in antioxidant and eat vegetables. I have searched ways online on how I can minimize the itchy feeling and swelling thing. So far it is improving daily. I am drinking Pomegranate juice, eating ponkan fruits and even made a red carrot juice which I used a blender and just mixed some pomegranate juice in it.
Carrots contains beta carotene, rich in Vitamins A and C, has potassium, copper, folic acid, magnesium and a lot more. I like the red-orange look of the carrots that we bought in the market which is also fresh. They look longer, slimmer but crispier than orange colored carrots. In India there are lots of these reddish orange looking carrots and they really are so tempting to buy. If you are a vegetarian, you would surely like to buy here since it is just cheap and you will also be healthy.
Here is the sample juice drink that I have concocted. All you need is a good fruit and veggie blender. Just make sure to peel off the skin of the carrots and don’t forget to wash the carrots first with a good veggie wash so that you won’t be eating any pesticide or dust in your carrots. Slice the carrots into small bits and put them in the blender. The next thing is to put some water or if you want a juice, you can try to match it with orange or pomegranate which I used to give complement to the color of the red carrot juice. Mix it well even if you can still chew bits of the carrot it will just be fine. I like the Red Carrot juice that I make. It was simply nourishing and my skin feels the same thing. I woke up this morning so light and my face does not feel that itchy anymore.
I like the Color of my Red Carrot Juice, Very Healthy and good for the skin
red carrot juice

The rashes are still there but not that noticeable and it seems to dry faster since I am also applying some Calamine lotion into it and washing my face with oat meal which I have also learned online while browsing for homemade remedies for allergies. I do hope you enjoy the drink that I have shared for today.


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