Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Orion Pie- Sweets for 2011

Welcome 2011! I never thought that I will be able to post late on this year but at least I tried and here is what I will first post for the year 2011. I have been reviewing some products from the past although when it seems that some sites don't accept my post, I have to admit, I need to post it somewhere where I can still share the information.

In short, this one cookie pie sweet wasn't able to make it but I will not miss the opportunity to share it with you guys. You might get it usual or regular in the market. But I just wanted to tell you about this wonderful product called Orion pie. Here goes my review:
Orion Chocolate Pie
orion pie

Orion Pie is not your typical fruit pie. It is a chocolate coated pie with marshmallow and soft biscuit which is chewy and yummy. I personally like how they come up with this kind of product because it is individually wrap and I can take it along with me when I go to work.
Orion Pie is good for the kids and young at heart because it is sweet and delicious but it has Calcium and Iron content which has no Monosodium glutamate content and no trans-fatty acid. I also like Orion Pie because it has no preservatives used that can harm my tummy. But you just need to check the expiration date written in the box before you purchase it so that what you get is only the best for your family.
Orion Pie is good to combine with any kind of beverage that you and your family like. For me, I like to mix and match it with fruit juice, hot tea or hot coffee. For the kids, they like to pair it with their soda drink, Chocolate and milk drink. It is also good to stock since this product has a shelf life of 12 months. It can be handy any time if you have unexpected guests and you can serve this wonderful snack with them.
One box of Orion Pie contains 6 individually wrap pies and it weights 180g. It costs only Rs60 or equivalent to $1.42 for one box and is readily available in selected groceries and supermarkets in Mumbai. I really do like how mushy the soft biscuit was plus it was coated with chocolate. Who can resist the tempting softness when you chew the marshmallow in between the coated biscuit? This is really one product that I will always buy during my weekly grocery.


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Fibisco choco mallows still remains my fave!

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