Sunday, January 16, 2011

Macaroni Soup w/ Green Peas &Tomato

You want a super easy preparation for a macaroni soup? Well this one fits my purpose since I don’t have any carrot in the fridge and I ran out of milk too and there was nothing else to grab than these remaining ingredients in the fridge. Sadly, I need to wait out for some more days to buy and restock foods. Although this recipe may not be grade A on your list, I would still want to share it since I have fun cooking. Here are the ingredients for making your Macaroni soup with green peas and tomato
Elbow macaroni
Spring onion
Garlic – 4 cloves
Tomato – medium size
Green peas- fresh or in can
Vegetable oil

Preparation / Methods for cooking:

Just heat the pan and put the oil. Saute garlic and onion and put salt into it. Once the onion spring is done, put in the green peas and stir as you pour water. The volume of water depends on the amount of elbow macaroni that you wanted to cook plus the balance of green peas you will put in this dish. As for me, since I will be serving it for two, I have mounted a very small portion of water so that my macaroni and peas would not be overdone.
Once your peas are half cooked, you can now put the elbow macaroni. Simmer for quite some time till you get your macaroni soft and ready but not over cooked. Sprinkle some more salt and pepper according to your taste. Lastly, put the tomatoes in and just turn the flame off. It is better for the tomatoes to be there in your soup fresh and not over cooked and mashed. It looks a lot like carrots when you try to take a snap out of the food you make.
Easy to prepare macaroni Soup with green peas and tomato

The tomato blends well with the macaroni because I put it last. I didn’t want to get the peas hard by putting it first. I also don’t want my tomatoes mashed so I ended placing it last for garnishing only. Anyway, I was already happy with the simple taste and presentation. But if you wanted to experiment more, you can add more veggies into it like cabbage and cheese just in case you don’t have evaporated milk like I used to put in my macaroni.

Macaroni soup which is not Milky but just Murky looking

This time my soup was kinda murky but not milky. You can even put chicken bouillon cubes into it. I just skip on putting it since I do have to take care of my skin allergy at the moment, not because of the food but due to some facial cream I put on my face. Okay, going back to the recipe Macaroni soup with green peas and tomato, you can add fresh peas or the peas that is canned as long as it was not that hard.
I do hope you like this simple recipe. I will keep you posted for some more if I have time and opportunity to create another delicious recipe.


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