Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Simply Chicken Curry

I really like to share this recipe I called "Simply Chicken Curry". It is not a typical Indian Chicken Curry which is really spicy and with lots of Indian Spices. I have mixed it with some touch of Filipino style without mocking the true authentic Indian Curry since I myself is now a mixture of both culture, Indian and Filipino.
I made my chicken curry not too spicy and it was just my own way of blending some of what I know in cooking. So without any further due, here is the recipe for Simply Chicken Curry:
Simply Chicken Curry
chicken curry2


1 kilo chicken ( buy a pack which is already sliced and includes the other chicken organs like heart,liver, gizzard)
chicken masala pack
jeera or cummin powder
coriander powder
1 medium sized tomato ( sliced into smallest bits)
fresh coriander leaves (as per your taste)
curry leaves (5-6 leaves, tear it to pieces)
ginger-garlic paste (one teaspoon)
garlic ( 2 cloves)
2 green chili
onion (medium size and chopped into bits)
chinese soy sauce (knorr seasoning soy sauce, i suggest)
turmeric powder (pinch only)
red chili powder(half teaspoon or less)
black pepper powder (half teaspoon)
salt (to taste)
vegetable oil (for saute)
garam masala (half teaspoon)

Methods/ Preparations for Simply Chicken Curry:
Clean your chicken with salt and wash it well so that it won't have any foul smell. Marinate the chicken with soy sauce, black pepper powder, salt, chicken masala powder. Mixed the ingredients and let it soak the chicken for one hour. Remember that the longer you soak the chicken, the better.

Saute the masala:
Put oil into pan, once it is heated up, you can now put the garam masala then followed by your jeera or cummin powder. Once the powder is there, you can now put your slit green chili and curry leaves and garlic. Then next will be your onion and salt and once it is ready, you can now put the turmeric powder and ginger-garlic paste. Check if your onion is done because you will now put your tomatoes in. Once you see the tomatoes are done, you can now sprinkle the coriander powder and chili powder. The last thing you can put is the fresh coriander leaves. Let it cool for some time before you make a paste out of this masala. When I say make a paste, it means you need to place it in a mixer once your done cooking. Set the masala aside.
Simply Chicken Curry ready to serve
chicken curry1

Cooking the Chicken:
Use a bigger pan for cooking the marinated chicken. Just put the marinated chicken and a few teaspoon of water. Let it simmer till the chicken gets out the water and get itself tender. Once you see oil coming oil, stir it so that it won't stick at the bottom of the pan. Once your chicken is brown and kinda crispy but not over cooked, you can now put the masala paste into it and put more water according to your taste. Just check the taste if it still needs salt. Simmer the Simply Chicken Curry for 15 minutes more and see if the meat is tender and ready and garnish it with fresh coriander leaves. Enjoy eating your Simply Chicken Curry with Chapatti or Cooked basmati rice.


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