Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Chicken Egg Vs. Duck Egg

Chicken Egg or Duck Egg?

I guess you can easily distinguish what a chicken egg is from a duck egg. Not because of tasting it, but when you try to see the outward appearance of both eggs, you can definitely say, ahh! that is chicken egg or that one was duck egg.

Duck egg is said to be more nutritious than chicken egg which has more calories because it is way bigger than the chicken egg. On the other hand, both still have the same vitamins and nutrients present but chicken egg shell is thinner and easier to crack than the duck egg which gives duck egg an advantage of shelf life although if it is kept inside the fridge.

Duck Eggs Are More Costlier than Chicken Eggs but it's worth a try for a taste

I bought a half dozen of duck egg in the grocery and it was really expensive than ordinary chicken egg. Duck egg is expensive since it is bigger and the feed for the ducks are usually expensive than chicken feeds. Buy a duck egg with a date label and shows the expiry date and keep it inside the fridge for maintaining the quality.

Half Dozen of Duck egg costs Rs 51.00


Cooking a duck egg is more longer compared to boiling a regular chicken egg. The taste and smell is really different and I am sure you would not like much that your duck eggs developed into a more fertilized duck egg which can be a BALUT rather than a Penoy egg.

Filipino culture adopted the eating of duck fetuses and it does make them believe that it is more than a viagra or an aphrodisiac which is good for sex life. Call it a taboo, but it depends on your own preference if you wanted to eat such. But for me, I just prefer to eat it simple without gross. I prefer to eat a Penoy (not matured duck egg).

Which is which(Chicken or Duck Egg), where is the Duck Egg?



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