Friday, December 3, 2010

Elongated Capsicum with minced Beef

Elongated Capsicum with Minced Beef

I was able to buy minced beef and marinated it with soy sauce, salt and black ground pepper and masala. Fried it till it was crispy enough and then the next thing I did was to fry the green peppers. It was really oily and I still opted to grill the capsicum instead of frying it, but we don't have any grill so I landed on frying it.


It was really spattering so just be careful of placing it on hot oil for frying. What is best is that when you fry such veggie, you should have a napkin to drain the remaining oil before serving. I don't have it at the moment I prepared the dish so it looks oily as it can be when clicked on a cam.

It is good to pair it with chapatti or flat bread. Since you can wrap it like a mexican dish. Anyway, if you wanted to know how to prepare chapatti or roti, I will post a recipe here so you can start cooking and preparing your own flat bread which by the way is made out of wheat flour.

Green Capsicum with Minced Beef, Chapatti and Chicken Biryani


I didn't prepare that Chicken Biryani that you can see on the picture. We bought it outside to eat along with what I prepared. It was a night of relaxation and off days are meant to be special for us( hubby and I) so I paired it with this dish. It is better if you eat your green capsicum wrapped in chappatti. It was surely great since it absorbs the extra oil that was on the veggie, made perfectly for each other.

Wrap your chappati around the green capsicum to hold the minced beef inside



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