Friday, December 10, 2010

Rice Crispies or Kurmura Ladoo

Rice Crispies or Kurmura Ladoo is one of the most classic snack that I can think of. When I was a young kid, my grand mother used to buy me rice crispies or kurmura ladoo. This one is just created with an extra ingredient since the rice crispies that I used to eat was in a bar shaped figure and this one is round.
Kurmura Ladoo

Kurmura ladoo is made out of shenghdana or peanut, kurmura with sugar and jaggery and they also have added some eliachi or green cardamom seed in it. It was just sweet in taste but not too sweet that you can easily get used of the taste. I really like crunchy rice crispies although it should have been easier for me to munch if it was a bar and not just round to slip my fingers when I bite it just like a child who gets her or his hand all wet with saliva when chewing or licking their candy.

Rice Crispies with peanuts and green cardamom
rice crispies,kurmura ladoo

It comes in a pack, six round pieces for an affordable price which you would really like to give for your kids. I somewhat like some snacks which is with nuts or rice or wheat. It is more healthier than a regular junk food that you buy in the grocery. Perhaps I will try how to make one, but not just now since I really do have a lot of things to catch up on my blog. Kurmura Ladoo is one of the snacks which is available all year round and you can buy it in easily in the market and groceries. Have you tried one?


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