Saturday, December 18, 2010

Beef Meat Balls

Beef Meat Balls -Today is another exciting recipe which is just so easy to prepare. Sorry for those vegetarian friends of mine since they won't be interested to try this one, but for those who aren't vegetarians at all, then this recipe is pretty simple to do. Here is the recipe I wanted to share with you.

Ingredients for Beef Meat Balls

1-medium onion (chopped into small bits)
soy sauce (knorr or maggi liquid seasoning)
1/4 kilo ground beef
ground black pepper
less than 1/4 cup of flour
vegetable oil

Preparations / Methods for Cooking Beef Meat Balls:

In a bowl, put all the ingredients except oil. Mix it all and make small balls out of the meat. You can make the balls round and defined by placing flour on your hands so that it won't get so sticky. You can actually make more than 10 meat balls out of that 1/4 kilo of minced beef.

Cooking the Meat Balls:
Heat the pan and put a lot of oil. It is important that your meat balls should swim on this one so that it can get cook faster. Remember that only put the meat balls if the oil is really hot. Just make sure that once your frying the meatballs, your flame should not be so high. I still suggest to put it on slow flame to cook the beef well. But I don't have any issues if it was on a medium flame as long as you can manage to check your meat balls if its tender enough.
Make sure to turn the sides of the meatball to cook it evenly

See how the meatballs swim in oil to cook them well

At that moment, I don't have any flour to use so I used my wheat flour. But the disadvantage of using a wheat flour on cooking meatballs was that it was so crunchy and my meatballs ended up so rough and hard. Well, I don't know if you may call it an advantage. Maybe you can throw it against your enemy, haha! Just kidding. Don't play with your food.

I used wheat flour for this one

Have fun cooking. You can add more on your meatballs if you wanted some spice. You can chili powder into it. But if you are not into spicy foods, then you can try putting some herbs like cilantro or oregano bits. You can experiment and you won't get it wrong as long as you like what your tongue is telling you.


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