Monday, December 13, 2010

Chicken Mechado Recipe

Chicken Mechado Recipe- I was happy to cook this food for hubby since this recipe is authentic Filipino dish. It is easy to cook as long as you have the right ingredients and know the proper way of cooking it. I have learned this dish by just watching my mom how she prepares it. it may not be the exact way she cook it, but at least somehow it resembles. Here is the following ingredients for Chicken Mechado recipe:

1/2 kilo of chicken ( this is just good for 2-3 persons)
2 medium sized potato
1 big green capsicum
2-3 cloves of garlic
2 medium sized onion
1-chicken bouillon cube (knorr or maggi)
soy sauce -for taste
salt- for taste
5-6 tbsp. of tomato puree/sauce
ground black pepper- for taste
2-3 tbsp. of cooking oil

Methods/ Preparations to Cook Chicken Mechado:

Wash and clean the chicken as you scrub it with rock salt. Rinse it with tap water and cut it into small to medium pieces. I suggest that you put the chicken in the pan with a little amount of water and sprinkle some salt and set the stove into medium flame. In this you are tenderizing the chicken till it squeeze out its own oil for you to start frying it. But just don't over fry your chicken. Once you see that the chicken is light brown,set the stove off and put the chicken aside.

Sauteeing the Ingredients:

Preheat the pan and put the oil. Once your oil is hot you can now put your garlic and then your onion. Since I have mentioned you needed 2 medium onions, one onion you need to slice in thicker and bigger, and the other one is for sauteeing. Put the sliced onions first and then put some salt into your onion so that it can be cook easier. When your onion is already golden brown, you can now put the potato. Make sure that your potatoes are sliced into four (crossed cut) when its a medium sized potato). You don't need to cut slice it thinly since Mechado needs more simmering to get the flavor of chicken and potato well combined.

Delicious Chicken Mechado
chicken mechado2

Once your potato is ready, you can now put your chicken, some water and put your chicken bouillon cubes and sprinkle some soy sauce ( I prefer knorr liquid seasoning) for this one, or else you can choose the Chinese soy sauce as long as you don't use the dark soya sauce from India because it was totally tinted which can destroy your Mechado looking like a Dinuguan dish.

Simmer for 2 minutes and check your water if it was just enough (not too much). Once the savor of soya and chicken bouillon is there, you can now put the green capsicum and please do not over cook them. It is better to cook it a bit crunchy. After this you can now put your tomato puree or tomato sauce and sprinkly some more salt and pepper if you think the taste needs more.

Yummy Chicken Mechado Ready to be Serve
chicken mechado1


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