Sunday, November 21, 2010

Do You Use a Vegetable and Fruit Wash?

Do you use a veggie wash? If yes, how often and what do you use to wash away those chemically treated fruits and veggies? It is just normal for us to wash our fruits and veggies before eating and cooking it but do you really think that the chemicals are technically gone when you wash them off with just tap water. It is important to keep our family safe by preparing them healthy and fresh foods. For me I never give any fruits to my family without cleansing the fruits on veggie wash.
I only trust one vegetable and fruit wash which is organic and safe to use. It does not contain any harsh chemicals and is really proven effective on washing off those chemicals, dust and dirt that was present in our fruits and vegetables.

Fruits Soaked in Tiens Veggie Wash

veggie wash,fruits soaked

When we go to local market, we always see flies swarming around those sweetened and ripe fruits. So it is also advised to wash those fruits and vegetables carefully because we never know if there were also eggs that were implanted on the leaves, barks, stem of our fruits and veggies.
I only trust to use Tiens Vegetable wash because it is organic and safe to use and proven to keep the fruits and veggies fresh and crispy. All I do is just put an ample amount of veggie wash into water and then shake the tap water to make it bubbly. By the way, it is not soapy or bitter in taste. I can actually dip my finger and taste it and there was nothing in Tiens Veggie wash.
I soak my fruits and vegetables into the wash basin for about 15-20 minutes. I like how the fruits smells whenever I soak them in Tiens vegetable wash, their scent seems to mesmerize you more. It is like it got amplified when you soak them into the veggie wash.
While the vegetables, I do notice that they are crisp and clean and so firm from their twigs to leaves and stems. You can also notice that if your veggie was already soft and withered, try Tiens Veggie wash and the leaves will stand up like a miracle. You can just ask a Tiens distributor for that which only costs around Php275 (Philippine peso) on their 500ml bottle which is really a saver because you can use it for more than 6 months depending on your usage.

Fruits become so crispy and veggies so clean after soaking it on a veggie wash
Tiens veggie wash,fruits

Tips on using Tiens veggie wash:
After soaking your favorite fruits and vegetables, keep the water because you can use it to clean your jewelries and mind you, jewelries really sparkle like new.
You can also use the soaked water of veggie wash and use it on your plants. This will help your plants grow bigger and healthier.
Note: I’m not talking about any other veggie wash, because I don’t know what they can do. I only attest what Tiens veggie wash can do since I have already experience the result. This is not also to promote the product since I am just stating my own opinion as a customer, user and my review about the product and the advantage of using vegetable wash for cleaning fruits and veggies. I also have nothing against other veggie wash in the market. We are all free to select what product is for us.


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