Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Vietnamese Beef Pho My Own Rendition

Vietnamese Beef Pho (My Own Rendition)

I am not an expert cook, but certainly I do enjoy what I cook and as much as possible I don’t imitate the original version if in case I don’t like the presentation. I have no disrespect to certain cultural food if I render my own version. For me, cooking it alone was already a challenge like the famous Vietnamese Beef Pho.

It is very good to serve this to your family on a cold lovely night. I was able to gather the ingredients online and what I just didn’t follow was the raw meat because I personally don’t like to eat beef meat which is just going to be cooked because of the hot soup. So pardon me if you’re an authentic Vietnamese Chef, I just want it my way so I cook it based on my own pallet.

It was really herbal because of the mint, coriander and lemon grass ingredient. The taste of lemon has given it a new twist and you would surely love the smell of freshly cut onion springs as you sprinkle it on your soup. Here is the sample of the soup I made.

Here is the sample ingredient for cooking Vietnamese Beef Pho

½ kilo Beef -shin bones
1 ginger root -cut into thin slice ( I prefer oval)
Salt - as per your taste
Blk. Peppercorns -ground
Onion - ¾ size for slice
Onion spring - for garnishing
Lemon grass -1 stalk is enough
Rice noodles - 350 grams
Fresh mint leaves -for garnishing
Fresh coriander leaves – for garnishing
Hoisin sauce - 2 tablespoon
Mongo sprout - for toppings
Lime or lemon - for garnishing
Chili sauce - for garnishing

What I did was I did boiled my beef to make the meat tender and juicy to eat but in the real Vietnamese Beef Pho, they serve it raw meat. So back to what I am saying, I boiled the meat and put together the ingredients like onion (big sliced one) ginger root, ground pepper, salt, lemon grass and keep it boiling till you see the meat tender.


On a separate cauldron just boil water for your rice noodles, once its done, drain it and keep the noodles handy. What I did on the mongo sprout is that I sautéed it with butter, but the original recipe is raw veggie so it’s up to you if you want it raw or not.


Once your soup is done with your beef, you can now put the rice noodles and mix the hoisin sauce and then put the other toppings like mongo sprout and just design your garnishings like the fresh mint, fresh coriander, spring onion and the lemon or lime wedge.

Another sample photo for you, isn’t that lovely? It was our dinner and was really grand and wow, truly Asian cuisine. I’d be sharing more here on my blog and just leave me a message if you have any questions.



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