Thursday, November 18, 2010

The Biggest Cucumber I have Ever Seen

Have you seen the biggest Cucumber around? I guess you might say, nahh, there are still bigger cucumbers than that. Well, for me I haven’t seen any and it was the first and the biggest my eye have seen. I personally know that cucumbers are just small. It is what most f us prepare for green salads and sweet pickles. But I have never seen this cucumber until hubby showed me when we bought it on the street market just near our home in Mumbai.

Comparing the cucumber


This BIGGG Cucumber was 15 inches tall and is about 4 inches thick. I even compared it with the normal small cucumber that we used to buy in the grocery. The price of this kind of cucumber was just cheap. We just bought one long piece for Rs 15 rupees which I still find it so cheap because if you weight the cucumber, it was more than a kilo of course.

We just had a green salad for that one which we dip on Asian dressing. Anybody here want a cucumber salad?

Me with the cucumbers


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