Monday, November 22, 2010

Eggless Cakes for your Health

Eggless Cake at Monginis

Some of us are vegetarians and prefer to buy and eat food without meat and eggs. This is one bakeshop that I have discovered that offers eggless cakes and pastries. It can also be good if you are really strict on dieting and losing all those calories and just can’t help but to diet. Eggless cakes can also be considered healthy for people who really wanted to cut off that cholesterol in their diet.
Eggless cakes are usually the same taste like any other cakes with eggs but the sweetness is really tolerated. I can say that one slice can never get you used of the taste because it was just created not to be too sweet. I do like the cakes served at Monginis cake stores which I think is the leading cake supplier in India, a place where most of the communities are vegetarians.

Heart-shaped Eggless Cake for Hubby’s Bday
eggless cake

But certainly I haven’t seen any type of fondant cake around, mostly are boiled icing and if you are a patissier, you will also say the same thing. By the way, I am not a patissier by profession, I am just a regular customer buying cakes and pastries and I tend to compare most of what I get from different stores and bakeshop. I always go for the quality and at the same time the price which can be affordable and not too much to make a hole out of my pocket.

Eggless cakes are not that sweet
heart shape cake,eggless

I used to remember sweet pastries and delightful delicacies back home and I can never find it here to where I am. But there are things that I can say I really discover when different application is applied due to culture and belief. Although even if they don’t use eggs in most of their cakes here, I still find the prices a bit pricey when I try to compare those delicious cakes I have back home which is of course, you might say “sinful” because it was lavishly designed for you to get fat but the price was really cheaper.
The texture of the cake is not the same with what I have from the past (cakes from my country) probably because of how the cake has been made. It does lack fluffiness and some x factor or ingredient that I am looking for which does not condense my thought. I don’t know if it was just my palate but certainly if you wanted eggless cakes, they are good for health, but if you want it sweeter, fluffier and truly captivating, try the ones with eggs. It’s your choice, which one should you select?


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Wow! Love this post so much it made me feel hungry for chocolate cake lol! Hope you include recipes and proedures.

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