Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Kaju Katli Sweets

Kaju Katli is made up of cashew nuts, sugar and silver foils(which is palatable). I am not here to talk about how to make a kaju katli because I haven't prepared one but what I am just going to say on my blog is that I really like the taste of it.

This sweet is always available in India. It is always given as a gift during Diwali or festival of Lights and colors for the Hindus. We were gifted by my hubby's company and I surely like the taste of Kaju katli. Although it is really expensive when you buy this sweet because as I have said, it is made out of cashew nuts.


Kaju Katli is coated in silver foils. I don't know if there are any other color to coat it with but the one I had was silver foil coated but not thoroughly coated like the ones that we consumed during Diwali. By the way the prices of Kaju Katli in the market was Rs500+ for one kilo. What I have as a sample her was just 200+ grams of kaju katli that we bought at Hypercity grocery. It was around Rs102 for that small box, I just didn't count how many pieces are in there since I already ate some.

It is nice to gift someone something sweet and tasty like kaju katli. You can definitely feel you are loved and special ones a person gives this to you. I don't know but I really do appreciate the taste of their sweets here (selected) as I may say.

kaju katli


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