Sunday, November 21, 2010

Brown Eggs Or White Eggs which is better?

Brown Egg Vs. White Egg

I bought brown eggs yesterday in order for me to serve our breakfast and to try it as a facial mask. I have heard a lot about organic eggs which are healthier and better as an alternative to white shelled color of eggs. But to my dismay, when I browse some information on the site about brown shelled color of eggs, it does not give any big advantage whether the brown eggs are healthier. Both eggs are just the same in nutritional value even if nutritionist would mention that brown eggs are better because the care and nurture for the chickens are much more given an expensive feeding rather than those regular eggs.
If you are a practical person, you would not mind buying those regular white shelled color of eggs. These brown eggs are twice the price because we bought it at Rs44.00 on half a dozen which is equivalent to $1.07. But if I have chosen the white shelled color of egg, it will only be Rs24 or $0.58 cents only. I was just curious to experience what the yolk would be like or what the consistency of the egg is.

brown egg,organic egg

Here is what I have found; the brown egg is not that smelly compared to the regular white egg. There was a ropey white strand telling me that the eggs we bought are really fresh and in good condition. Although the taste for me would just be the same like the regular egg but the only thing I praise for the brown egg is really good for facial mask.
Now I know, which is better to select for a particular purpose. If you really are on a budget, then just consider buying a regular one. But if you are peculiar on your egg white facial mask to use on your face, then nothing beats brown eggs.

brown eggs

A tip for you:
Recipes for brown eggs: fried, sunny side up, pouched egg, boiled egg, leche flan and a whole lot more

Facial Egg White Mask: Just separate the egg yolk from the egg white. Use only the egg white for your face. Apply a thin layer on the first application then dry it up for 10 minutes, then apply the second coating on your face and leave it for 5 to 10 minutes then rinse it off with your favorite facial wash or soap. You will notice that your skin is firmer and younger looking if you continue this religiously.


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