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In Season and Out of Season Fruits

I have made a list of fruits that people usually buy in the groceries and local markets. Here in India where I noticed several types of fruits being sold in the market. From exotic fruits to tropical fruits which come in season and some do come all year round where it is readily available to customers. Fruits are essentially important to human health and that is why it recommended including it in our regular diet.

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Fruits are good to have as juice, jammed or pickled, dried, make a smoothie, ice cream flavor and so much more. Sometimes we do need to wait for other fruits to come into their season to buy. It is truly expensive to buy fruits which are out of season. I used to remember when I was craving for some fruit which are out of season, it is really difficult. But no matter how fruits come be it in their own season or not, it always completes my day.

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A healthy lifestyle needs to include fruits daily in their food for a balance diet. Aside from proper body exercise, correct amount of water intake, good night sleep and keeping a life away from vices such as smoking and drinking alcohol, a human may benefit from getting a longer life.
We just need to wash carefully and thoroughly those fruits before consuming because you may not know how farmers put chemicals and pesticides from growing their crops. So without further delay, here are the lists of fruits in season and out of season.

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Out of Season Fruits (You can only buy in their Season)
1. Strawberries
2. Cherries
3. Jackfruit
4. Longan
5. Spanish Turnip / Singkamas
6. Star Fruit
7. Lanzones/ Langsat
8. Custard Apple/ Cherimoya
9. Lychees
10. Guava
11. Avocado
12. Chico
13. Rambutan
14. Kiwi
15. Durian
16. Santol
17. Pomelo
18. Star Apple
19. Mangosteen
20. Makopa/Wax Apples/ Wax Jambu
21. Grapes
22. Persimmon
23. Grapefruit
24. Black berries
25. Peach
26. Passion Fruit
27. Kumquat
28. Mangoes


In Season Fruits (Year Round Available)
1. Banana
2. Orange
3. Apple
4. Cucumber
5. Watermelon
6. Melon
7. Pomegranate
8. Papaya
9. Sweet Lime
10. Ponkan/ Mandarin Orange/Tangerine
11. Pineapple
12. Buko / Young Coconut
13. Pear
14. Gooseberry
15. Tomato


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