Friday, October 28, 2011

Season of Custard Apple

Its been more than a month that I have been seeing a plentiful harvest of Atis (tagalog word) or what is commonly known as Custard Apple. Beginning September, it has been around Rs50 plus for a kilo which is only 3 big pieces but it was deliciously sweet and creamy to me.

Atis or Custard Apple

I am not an avid fan of atis or custard apple because I feel so lazy on removing seeds one by one when I eat it. But I surely like how sweet it is plus how creamy and quite grainy it was when I eat it.  It has vitamins A and C which is good for our body plus it helps lower cholesterol. It is also said to be high in magnesium and potassium content good to prevent from any heart problems. It also helps cure constipation and helps treat dysentery. 

Custard Apple, not likely favorable but is sweet and delicious fruit

What I usually don't like when buying atis or custard apple is that there are sometimes white flaky in between the skin of it. Pests are just common in custard apple trees not unless the farmer has taken care of it by spraying pesticides so I am really careful of washing off custard apples before eating it.

Custard apple is just easy to detect if it is already ripe. You can see it from its outer color and it will always be soft. If you buy it unripe, then what you can do is to place it inside a rice dispenser and keep it for some time and it will get ripen.


itin said...

Yay atis! It's been years I haven't gone back to these provincial treats.

moirai said...

Ahh! So it's custard apple in english. If I ever knew that before, I have forgotten it. =P I always just call this atis. We used to have a tree in the backyard. I'm not sure if it's still there now.

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