Friday, October 21, 2011

Dried Fruits and Nuts

A family friend here in Mumbai suggested my hubby that dried fruits and nuts will be beneficial to eat especially by women who just gave birth. A lot of old wives tale and hearsay but whatever is the truth about food fads and fallacies, I can surely try them or avoid them now because I only wanted to get back the strength that I need.

Dried Fruits like Raisins and Dates
dried fruits

My mom has her own versions of foods not to be taken or eaten especially if you just gave birth. One of those foods she said are foods that will make you itch like shrimps and prawns are to be avoided. She also reminded me to not eat Saluyot because it will lower the uterus or womb, another is not to drink buko because it is cold in the body and will make my baby lose weight because according to her, what I eat is what my baby is going to eat and feel also. So even kamote or sweet potato is not advice for me to be taken.

Some beliefs are not related to food but to practices such as taking a bath which is forbidden until your bleeding is finished. I am just careful about the stitches, even if it was a normal delivery, I need to take care of myself for my baby.

Now, going back to those dried fruits and nuts, hubby bought some almond nuts, raisins and dried dates. The dates were so hard to chew so he used a grinder and put it in the mixer so that I can easily chew the dates into smaller munchies.

Dried Almond Nuts

What I like best is that I include it in my breakfast cereal which is rich in fiber and has fruits and dried nuts to compliment with the dried dates. For now, hubby is my cook and all he can serve me was soups such as dal and chicken. I haven't posted anything for the recipe yet, but hopefully soon since I will still get this week hands-off the kitchen while hubby is still enjoying his off day to take care of me and my baby.


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