Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Diwali Sweets

Today is India's Diwali celebration. It is also called as Festival of Lights and so it looks like New Year celebration here because of fireworks and a very disturbing fire crackers all around. Most Hindu houses were filled with Christmas lights and decorations on their door posts called Rangolis.
Soan Papdi
soan papdi

Neighbors keep on giving sweets and it was part of their tradition. What we have for sweets last time was a Kaju Katli box from our land owner, now what he gave us was a Soan Papdi, it is a kind of sweet that melts to your mouth with green cardamoms and pistachio.

I am just waiting for hubby to come home and see what their company would give him since last time, what we have was a combination of a lot of sweets from Kaju katli, jalebi and many more. What our neighbor just give me was some famous snacks here in India like shankarpale, besan ladoo, karanji, chakli and some more that I am not familiar with their name.

Some Indian Snacks and sweets
Indian snacks

I feel like Christmas and New Year here now, but I am more concerned on my baby who's sensitive and gets jumpy on those fire cracker blasts and sounds, anyway it happens only once a year.


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