Sunday, October 23, 2011

Baby's First Cake

Today was baby's second week. We did buy him some cake on his first week since we missed him a lot when he was admitted in ICU for some treatment because it was a preterm labor. Anyway, hubby and I were so thankful for the blessing that God has given us and Samuel is doing fine now.

A cake for baby

It was a cake made and done by not so famous bakery here, just a local one ordered by hubby. The design was just not that fancy, the taste was even more of a beginners first bake lesson as I may grade it, but I don't mind it at all, it's not the cake that I am much more focus on but to the one whom we are celebrating.

Sharing this cake to all of you!
cake of baby

I wanted to buy another cake for this week, but again as I said, I was not happy to taste that cake ordered by hubby, so I will just prepare some spaghetti pasta for today and pray to God for the protection and guidance He has given me and my family. Baby at least now gained some weight and we will be back for another check-up next week. Hopefully, this week as hubby goes back to work (ending his paternal leave), I will be back in the kitchen to prepare food. Hoping to give my site another update for recipes and other food share. Cake anyone? glad to share this to all! Have a nice week ahead!


aynzan said...

Baking our own cake at home is much cheaper and tastier.Thanks for sharing the cake .Looks delicious..

wintergurl said...


Strawberrychocodahi said...

@aynzan, yes it will be cheaper if we prepare it at home
@wintergurl- :)

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