Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Prawn Halabos Recipe

I went out yesterday to buy shrimps and there I find a combination of prawns and shrimps. The vendor told me that it was Rs 150 for a big platter which weighs more than a kilo, so I said just give me half a kilo.

Yummy Fried Prawn Halabos
shrimp 3

I bought it for a cheaper price
shrimp 1

When she was packing the prawns and shrimp she changed her mind and offered me that she will give it all for only Rs 120 which is also equivalent to $2.60. So I said okay, just give it to me because I still find that deal great and cheaper and these are still fresh. So I passed by another store and buy some Sprite because I was thinking of cooking those prawns and shrimps into Halabos which is one of the most favorite recipes I learned from my mom.

All you have to do is wash thoroughly the shrimps/prawns. I did soak it in veggie wash since this can also remove the unpleasant smell aside from cleaning the shrimps. You don’t need to remove the shells, head and tails of your shrimp because in this recipe, you include the whole part.

Just Finished soaking it in Tiens Veggie Wash

So after washing, you place it in the pan and put Sprite, instead of water. Once the Sprite soft drinks drained or dry up in the pan, that is the time that you put oil into your shrimp or prawn and fry it. Just don’t forget to put ample amount of salt so that your shrimp or prawns would have that perfect taste of sweetness and saltiness.

Hubby and I enjoyed this meal yesterday
shrimp 4

Just a word of caution, this recipe is not intended for those people who suffer from hypertension and high blood pressure because Prawn Halabos is rich in cholesterol because of its fat substance that is found in the head of the shrimp or prawns. Just eat in moderation and drink tea afterwards. Obviously if you have sensitivity or allergic reaction to prwns or shrimps, then just skip on this recipe or you can take anti-histamine tablet later.

I don’t often do this recipe since if we do buy shrimps and prawns, I usually clean them off and de-veil them. So I hope you guys enjoy this meal, till my next recipe post again! Ciao!


w0rkingAth0mE said...

Yeah i love this we always tried this at home

Meadowly said...

The recipe looks good..But I am thinking twice about adding sprite ( is it good for health ?)Love your Indian food recipes..Yummy!

Strawberrychocodahi said...

@workingathome, thanks for dropping by, I did post a comment on your site too.
@ Meadowly- if you are not sure, you can try orange juice instead of Sprite. Thanks for dropping by!

wintergurl said...

my favourite prawn ....make me hungry

gagay said...

shrimps are yummy,as they said, but i can't eat.. :(

Rovie said...

sarap naman...my mom cooks shrimp and prawn recipe but with some twists... i also appreciate your concerns on those people with hypertension and allegies...

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