Saturday, October 29, 2011

Cookies and Cakes for Snack

This is not a collection of cookies, it just so happen that hubby bought these cookies and mini cakes because I won't be able to go out to buy snacks outside since the day I gave birth. I also have stocks of fruits and other foods that I can easily prepare whenever I feel hungry.

Cookies for a cookie monster

It is indeed difficult to move around when your focus is only your baby and you don't have anyone to look after you. This is really the time I appreciate my mom and other siblings to be around me but I am geographically away from them.

Cookies with mini cakes

Going back to those snacks, I really like chocolate chips ever since I was in College. I used to dip it in milk, be it  hot or cold milk. I also like the vanilla, chocolate and butter sponge flavored mini cakes. It tastes the same like the local mamon (chiffon) cake that I used to buy  in the local bakery where I grew up.

Ribbon cake with some cookies

What is good in these types of snacks is that anytime of the day you can eat it and pair it with your favorite beverage or drink such as tea, coffee, juice or soda drinks. By the way most of the cookies I have was with bits and pieces of chocolate chips or somewhat similar with Oreo cookies. I do like to pair it with ice cream too, but for now, I will be skipping on eating cold drinks and desserts.


[pinkc00kies] said...

Yummmmmm <3

Ron said...


followed and grabbed ur badge po :D

Black Smart Business said...

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ladyguinevere28 said...


that is so yummy, take care in giving birth.

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Thank you much


ajith nair said...

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Anonymous said...

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Elvirah said...

Congratulations on having a blessed baby and while you take care of your baby, its good that your hubby is taking care of you and your diet.

rjs mama said...

toast and coffee for me, or some unsalted crackers

see you,

kat said...

Congrats for the new baby in the family. Your hubby is just so sweet.

Adgitizing here anyway.

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