Wednesday, October 29, 2014

I-Cake Anyone?

I thought it was ice cream cake, but anyway the icons itself was there, good for Ipod or Ipad or smart phone people who will really enjoy this kind of cake design. But it was made of mocha and it was good for the taste for a very affordable price too.

What I do like was the freebies given by the cake shop because they have given us enough for the cake topper, some sprinkles and a very tasty sponge cake(mamon) during the time that I purchase the cake for my son's special day.

It was 8x12 in size, mocha flavor and also affordable. It made our family happy as I share it also with my loved ones abroad when they see the cake and the sweet dessert I also bought from the same shop. But I was not happy much about the cathedral gelatin that I bought. It just didn't passed my palate (just my own taste okay), no offense to the shop. It would have been better if they have infused some sweet taste and not too hard on it.

photo credit: my own photos and prohibited to share without my permission..


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