Tuesday, October 28, 2014

October as Month of Birthday Celebrations..

I was happy that this month is almost over as the birthdays of my niece has come and also for my son's birthday. I was really busy to look for ways to get money so that I can at least give them a happy birthday celebration.

Well, anyway, this is already a bridge over troubled water, I may not think of it at all and just go back to reality and look for other ways now. I do love birthdays and parties and celebrations. I thanked God for another year that He has been faithful to our family as He is the source of everything we have.

I do love to share this delicious pancit (bean-thread noodles) with buko pandan as dessert and ice cream and cake and biko (sweet gluten rice). I was thinking of making some pica-pica but to my dismay, most of the visitors I invited did not come, so I did not bother to prepare it at all. I will just cherish the goodness of God in our family and will not be worrying about those who did not come and celebrate this special occasion with us. May the month of November come with a special way with us all.

photo credit: my own photos, edited using Pixlr (free to use)


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