Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Exotic Foods like Snails and Slugs..Do you Eat?

I guess you will wonder if I tell you if you eat such exotic foods. But people have different palette and tastes so it will just be fine for them to eat slugs or snails. Well, this afternoon, our lunch was snails. It was with coconut milk and lady finger chili and you can see that it was cooked in a very presentable way.

But when you ask me if I have tasted it, yes tasted! But hubby will never want to eat it. He might feel gross or something on eating snails but he likes frogs instead. Have you also tasted something exotic like this? I do believe that whenever you are in the province, you will also have the chance to taste different food offers from various cultures.

I do believe that eating such will not harm the health. Actually, it has a taboo of healing properties with them that nature has to offer. But as I have said, it will all depend on your own taste and guts to eat also such food offer. Have you tasted some snails lately?

photo credit: My own photo, All rights reserved


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