Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Bulanglang with Fried Milk Fish

How are you today? I just hope that you are just doing fine. For now, I will be updating my food blog since I have the time now to handle it unlike before. Anyway, Bulanglang is a famous recipe of the north, country of Philippines.

If you will see, this is usually vegetable dish sauteed with fried fish too. I do miss eating Bulanglang because we don't have bagoong(salted anchovies) sold in India. So anyway, it is just easy to cook. All you need to include in this recipe are squash, bitter gourd, okra, eggplant, spanish turnip pod and fried fish to saute along with this dish.  Bulanglang will never be bulanglang without bagoong or the salted anchovies.

This is one of the recipes of the Ilokanos (northern part of the Philippines) where my mom's side is. Just like the Pinakbet, this recipe is also with bagoong as most recipes of the north prepare their dishes with this. By the way, all the photos I used in my food blog are mine and is strictly prohibited to be shared without my permission. Have a great day everyone!


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