Wednesday, October 29, 2014

I-Cake Anyone?

I thought it was ice cream cake, but anyway the icons itself was there, good for Ipod or Ipad or smart phone people who will really enjoy this kind of cake design. But it was made of mocha and it was good for the taste for a very affordable price too.

What I do like was the freebies given by the cake shop because they have given us enough for the cake topper, some sprinkles and a very tasty sponge cake(mamon) during the time that I purchase the cake for my son's special day.

It was 8x12 in size, mocha flavor and also affordable. It made our family happy as I share it also with my loved ones abroad when they see the cake and the sweet dessert I also bought from the same shop. But I was not happy much about the cathedral gelatin that I bought. It just didn't passed my palate (just my own taste okay), no offense to the shop. It would have been better if they have infused some sweet taste and not too hard on it.

photo credit: my own photos and prohibited to share without my permission..

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

October as Month of Birthday Celebrations..

I was happy that this month is almost over as the birthdays of my niece has come and also for my son's birthday. I was really busy to look for ways to get money so that I can at least give them a happy birthday celebration.

Well, anyway, this is already a bridge over troubled water, I may not think of it at all and just go back to reality and look for other ways now. I do love birthdays and parties and celebrations. I thanked God for another year that He has been faithful to our family as He is the source of everything we have.

I do love to share this delicious pancit (bean-thread noodles) with buko pandan as dessert and ice cream and cake and biko (sweet gluten rice). I was thinking of making some pica-pica but to my dismay, most of the visitors I invited did not come, so I did not bother to prepare it at all. I will just cherish the goodness of God in our family and will not be worrying about those who did not come and celebrate this special occasion with us. May the month of November come with a special way with us all.

photo credit: my own photos, edited using Pixlr (free to use)

Bulanglang with Fried Milk Fish

How are you today? I just hope that you are just doing fine. For now, I will be updating my food blog since I have the time now to handle it unlike before. Anyway, Bulanglang is a famous recipe of the north, country of Philippines.

If you will see, this is usually vegetable dish sauteed with fried fish too. I do miss eating Bulanglang because we don't have bagoong(salted anchovies) sold in India. So anyway, it is just easy to cook. All you need to include in this recipe are squash, bitter gourd, okra, eggplant, spanish turnip pod and fried fish to saute along with this dish.  Bulanglang will never be bulanglang without bagoong or the salted anchovies.

This is one of the recipes of the Ilokanos (northern part of the Philippines) where my mom's side is. Just like the Pinakbet, this recipe is also with bagoong as most recipes of the north prepare their dishes with this. By the way, all the photos I used in my food blog are mine and is strictly prohibited to be shared without my permission. Have a great day everyone!

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Fish Stewed with Vinegar, Garlic and Ginger

I really don't know the exact English of this recipe, but we call it Paksiw na Isda. Paksiw means cooked with vinegar, salt, garlic and ginger while isda means fish. I have missed this recipe because my mom used to prepare this for us. We don't even happen to have that fish she used for cooking. So since our vacation here it is timely that we taste her favorite dish.

You can also include eggplant in this delicious dish. The eggplant will really absorb the taste of the vinegar, garlic and ginger which I really appreciate the taste. But my brother is not a fan of this recipe so he just eat less whenever our mother prepares this food.

Have you also tasted this type of dish? You can try this in any small but tasty fishes. IT is just simple to prepare because the main ingredients will just be vinegar, salt, garlic, ginger, black pepper, lady finger chili, onion and vegetable such as eggplant to include. You can include water but not too much as this is not a soup recipe.

photo credit: my own photo, copyright 2014, All rights reserved

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Exotic Foods like Snails and Slugs..Do you Eat?

I guess you will wonder if I tell you if you eat such exotic foods. But people have different palette and tastes so it will just be fine for them to eat slugs or snails. Well, this afternoon, our lunch was snails. It was with coconut milk and lady finger chili and you can see that it was cooked in a very presentable way.

But when you ask me if I have tasted it, yes tasted! But hubby will never want to eat it. He might feel gross or something on eating snails but he likes frogs instead. Have you also tasted something exotic like this? I do believe that whenever you are in the province, you will also have the chance to taste different food offers from various cultures.

I do believe that eating such will not harm the health. Actually, it has a taboo of healing properties with them that nature has to offer. But as I have said, it will all depend on your own taste and guts to eat also such food offer. Have you tasted some snails lately?

photo credit: My own photo, All rights reserved

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