Sunday, June 9, 2013

Want some Dimsum soup?

We checked this soup long time back before doing our monthly grocery and I can say that it is not my regular soup. It can look so yummy especially on a cold rainy day and you can really perspire after eating it. This soup though is not what I really favor of because it was a combination of ingredients which on my own opinion was a mismatch. But its okay, we do have different tastes for food and I really respect if you would like this too. This soup is with pork wanton, crab meat, chicken bits and boiled egg. It might have missed the real flavor that I really wanted and expected, but anyway, it was something for the tummy to get filled. The noodles was not really cooked well since it was that hard and rubbery. The price was just affordable in the pocket, but if I may have to get back again in the restaurant, I will still prefer to order other menus that they have.

Looking oily on this photo, but it was just fine. You can just add some fish sauce, calamansi (local lemon) here in the Philippines and some ground black pepper to make it more delicious. You can also add some chili oil if you want it spicy hot.


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